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If you want to read a disturbing report then head to this link.  The predictions that most schools in the Great Lakes area will be ‘failing’ by 2014, the year that NCLB requires all schools to be performing at or above grade level, is disturbing to say the least.  If you are not sure about NCLB and the damage it is doing to public education, or even if you are, then this piece is something you should not ignore. 


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Dan Laitsch discusses the impact of high stakes testing on schools and children in the technical report found at the link below. He references the “negative consequences” of high stakes testing and analyzes those consequences. In his conclusion he makes four specific policy recommendations that he urges policy makers to follow. This is a good technical read.

“While such an accountability system may be sensible on its face, it does not account for multiple educational purposes or the complexity of assessment. Nor does it allow educators opportunity to use appropriate data thoughtfully to design comprehensive school reform. Instead, the stress on rewards and punishments based on test scores forces schools to consider the data generated as evaluative rather than as useful for informing instruction. The result is a system that appears coordinated, but results in a number of unintended-although not unpredictable-negative consequences.”


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The link below provides teachers with a number of resources for excellence in teaching for their classrooms. I have reviewed the history and language arts sections and I find them to be competent and useful for the classroom. This is not to say that one should not tweak them to fit the local context of teaching but they do make for a really good starting point as one begins to think about unit and lesson planning. Of course, the best part of these resources is that they are FREE–a service of federal agencies. Why not take a look?

FREE — Federal Resources for Educational Excellence

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