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The brief clip below is from the start of the parade lap at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway of the United States Grand Prix, the Formula 1 race held at the IMS for the past 8 years. There is simply nothing like the sound of an F1 engine revving at 18,000 rpm as the cars leave the starting line from a standing start.

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At one stage the first six cars – the McLarens, the BMW Saubers and the Ferraris – were only six-tenths of a second apart, but then the Spaniard hit his stride to go clear with a lap of 1m 11.925s. That compares with Michael Schumacher’s 2006 pole position lap of 1m 10.832s.This time it was not Hamilton who got closest; that honour fell to Nick Heidfeld who looked very strong in the BMW Sauber on his way to 1m 12.391s. His only drama was a momentary deviation from the grey stuff on one lap. Backing him strongly, new-for-this-race team mate Sebastian Vettel pushed his way up to fourth place on 1m 12.869s, without putting a wheel wrong.

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I’ll be out of touch for the next few days. US Grand Prix at Indianapolis Motor Speedway. For all of you that thought my remarks on the infantile nature of target shooting, you can get out your big guns on this one. Watching cars run around a pretend road course makes absolutely no sense. Watching automobiles rev at 19,000 RPM is thrilling but absurd. Finally, being out in the hot sun all day long for two days when air conditioning is close at hand is not for the weak at heart. All that being said, I just love open wheel racing at the highest level in the world. Go figure.In addition, going to the US Grand Prix allows me to spend time with my son and grandson over an extended period of time. WOW. What could be wrong with that.

So I’ll be back on Monday. See you all then.

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