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Steve Holland reporting for Reuters writes:

White House political adviser Karl Rove was embroiled in a new controversy over potentially missing e-mails on Friday, the latest twist in the firings of eight U.S. prosecutors last year.

The White House disclosed that the Republican National Committee in early 2006 took away Rove’s ability to delete e-mails sent and received through a party e-mail account.

White House spokeswoman Dana Perino had no explanation for why the RNC, the governing arm of President George W. Bush’s political party, would stop Rove from deleting e-mails.

There is an old proverb that goes something like this: Don’t tie your shoes in a watermelon patch. The idea here is that one shouldn’t even give the appearance that one is stealing watermelons. Bending down to tie one’s shoes might very well give that appearance. Now I don’t know if Karl Rove is guilty of deliberately deleting critical e-mails that might shed light on the Gonzalez scandal, but I can accuse the presidential adviser of tying his shoes in the people’s watermelon patch. What is most sad about this scandal ridden is that the scandals bring embarrassment, harm and loss of international prestige to this nation and its people. Apologists for the president will argue that there is no smoking gun, there is no proof, and so on. The fact remains that when scandals reach the level of doing harm to the nation they must be cut off at the knees. The Bush scandals cost American lives while the scandals of the prior administration were politically motivated, involved the moral failure to keep pants zipped, and brought harm and embarrassment on the presidential family. For this the president and the nation suffered through a political impeachment and trial. I recall the words of Joseph Welsh when he turned to Senator Joseph McCarthy and asked, “Have you no shame, Senator? Have you no shame?” This same question can be asked of Republicans and the Bush White House. What, pray tell, is the limit of your shame?

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