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Just a little tidbit I found on YouTube. If it weren’t so sad it might actually be funny. As the anti-evolutionists seek to introduce biblical mythology, call it what you will–creation science, intelligent design–into the classroom, they seem willing to turn back the clock to a time more reminiscent of the dark ages and the Inquisition than bring it to the light of the 21st century. Just because the human mind cannot conceive of the possibility of evolution does not mean that evolution is not true. It is all about evidence. The scientific FACTS based on evolutionary theory point to the validity of the theory. Other than a few scribbles in some sacred texts written 3000 years ago, and other than personal revelation (which is not rigorous evidence) there simply is no evidence to support what Richard Dawkins calls the God delusion. I think I’ll put my faith and trust in FACTS and not in the mythology of creation. If I wanted to put my faith in the mythology I would then be forced to choose from among thousands of FACTUALLY unsupported creation myths–what if I pick the wrong one? What then…

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This is an annotation of Where Is Atheism When Bad Things Happen? – News Bloggers

Dinesh D’Souza exposes his bigotry and, frankly, his stupidity as he slams atheists in this posting. In part he states: “Notice something interesting about the aftermath of the Virginia Tech shootings? Atheists are nowhere to be found. Every time there is a public gathering there is talk of God and divine mercy and spiritual healing. Even secular people like the poet Nikki Giovanni use language that is heavily drenched with religious symbolism and meaning….”

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A White House spokesman said President Bush was horrified by the rampage and offered his prayers to the victims and the people of Virginia.

Now isn’t that nice of President Bush. I am sure the gunman was one of those gun nuts that rally around the NRA cry, “You can pry my gun out of my cold dead hand.” But that doesn’t do the victims of this rampage any good now, does it? Once again, the dead 32 point out the demented gun policy in these United States. Oh, but I forgot, Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! says the NRA. Actually PEOPLE WITH GUNS KILL PEOPLE–GENERALLY PEOPLE WITHOUT GUNS.

Mr. Bush, if you really want to leave a legacy you would support rigorously enforced gun control laws which would be a step in the direction of preventing tragedies like this one. Oh, but then you want to offer prayers. How sweet. Like the victims really care anymore.

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